You can do anything you put your mind to

August is coming to an end.  Did you stay at the gym a little bit longer, move more or get up a few minutes earlier and stretch? Which ever you chose, remember that you made a healthier you:) Now let’s start thinking about September! I am going to reveal September’s goal a few days early just so you can be prepared for it mentally! I think this one is going to be a little bit more challenging, especially mentally. I think ANYONE can do ANYTHING they put their mind to. The challenge is DECIDING to do it and DOING IT! It has to do with nutrition and it may just set you outside your comfort zone a little bit. My challenge to you for September is to pick your favorite (unhealthy) food, snack or drink and only consume it once a week! Or you can go an extra step and take it out for the entire month! By the end of the month you may just realize that you are feeling a healthier you!

Some examples may be pop, lattes, processed food (for the most part anything bagged or boxed), fast food, ice cream, popcorn, chips, alcohol etc. You can even go as far as ALL sugar! You could even try whole 30 or Paleo

You have already made healthy choices the last 2 months. July was drinking more water and August was simply moving more. Now let’s clean up our nutrition a little bit:) If you are the type of person that takes baby steps then be honest with yourself and cut out your favorite unhealthy food and only have it once a week. If you are a go-getter and just want to break the habit altogether, then take it out completely this month and see if, in the end, you really need it. AND if you’re REALLY ambitious and just tired of the way you feel and look then I guarantee whole 30 will do the trick!! Paleo will also get you feeling better too!

No matter what you choose…baby steps or all out…get a support group together! Be checking back at my blog for some new ideas on how to get through the hard times, new recipes, positive support and encouragement:)  

Remember, that whatever challenge you take this month small or big, it is one step closer to a healthier you! Also, don’t slack on the other goals you have reached. For example, drinking water should be second nature to you now! So keep drinking that water. Moving more…should be second nature….keep moving! Even if this is the first blog you have ever read from me JOIN IN THE FUN!’s not the end of August yet. You have a couple more days. So, keep doing your August goals. Then on September 1st…saddle up and get after it! 

Until next time…be proud of your accomplishments!