World’s fastest prep meal EVAR!





I like to prep my meals for the week on the weekend. I am thinking that this meal was the world’s fastest prep meal ever! I had left over chicken and some salad that needed to be eaten up. I went to the store and bought some fresh fruits and veggies. I chopped up the veggies and threw it in a bowl with  my bag of lettuce.

IMG_4324[1]To add a little sweetness I added fresh strawberries and blackberries:) I also added some olives (good fats)  that I had in my refrigerator. What do ya know…look I see some left over chicken from last week…whola some protein too:)

IMG_4325[1]And…I also had some almonds (a staple in my cupboard) put about 1 cup in my ninja and chopped those babies up. I will be putting those on top of my salad for a little extra crunch and protein and fat:)

IMG_4326[1]To finish off my wonderful masterpiece, I will add my ultimate favorite Garlic flavored olive oil which I bought at HyVee:)

The only thing I bought for this meal is fresh fruit! Oh..and I will be adding some fresh tomatoes from a friend’s garden!

Until next time….make life simple