Lil’ about yoga

You may have chosen stretching for your month’s challenge. I have been doing some research on yoga and why people say it is important. Now remember, as mentioned in an earlier post, anyone can find research on anything, I believe that you just have to find what works for you as an individual.  From what I have read, I would say that yoga is a pretty good thing to try for like a month and see how you feel.

I have never enrolled in a yoga class per say, but I have taken a few single yoga classes in my life time. Each class I have enjoyed and felt very refreshed afterwards.  After doing some research, I now know why I felt that way and plan to add yoga into my weekly schedule.

Here are just a few articles that I have read that pretty much sums up why yoga is good for our bodies. If you want some quick “that makes sense” reasons why to take yoga read this: 5 Key Reasons why yoga works. This next article gets in  a little deeper on the health benefits of yoga. This article pretty much was the “ah-ha” moment for me. Click here to read about the health benefits of yoga. 

Yoga could be a part of your stretching in the morning, an extra at the gym, or doing a few yoga poses on your living room floor while watching tv could help you reach your moving more goalYoga fits ALL our August goals no matter which one you chose.

Until next time…you never know until you try