Doing some extras…

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It’s about 1/2 through August (wow does time fly!). How are those August goals coming along? Are you finding that you are moving more, stretching more or staying late or coming in a few minutes early at the gym? I am really hoping that you have chosen to do at least one of the above and that my recent posts have been helping you to accomplish your goals this month.

I would like to help you with the “staying late or coming in early” goal today.  As you may know, I belong to a Priority Crossfit🙂 I absolutely love it. Central Iowa Crossfit Ladies has a Facebook page that invites ladies to do a little extra at the gym (gentlemen I am sure one of you could start one too:) ). Basically the gal chooses a skill to work on each month and asks that you work on that skill for about 10-15 minutes either before or after your work out. Last month was ring dips and this month is handstands. Ring dips worked really well for me because I have been working on ring muscle up progressions so it was nice to get some more helpful hints to nail those babies! This month with the handstands she suggests to do anything dealing with handstands. So I have been working on handstand walks and handstand push-ups. In which both will help with upper body which in turn will help with ring muscle ups. This is just ONE example of how to get some extra work in.

YOU can create your own list of what you want to accomplish each month. On Sundays, I write down what extras I am going to do to help me accomplish my ring muscle ups. To help yourself be accountable, or to make things more exciting, ask a friend to do it with you. 

Do not create excuses. Just do it! Excuses get you no where! I read a quote once that said WHEN I LOST ALL MY EXCUSES I FOUND ALL MY RESULTS!! That is so true! Believe in yourself, have a good attitude, and understand that FAILURE LEADS TO SUCCESS! 

Until next time…believe in yourself!