Top 20 ways to move more


One of this month’s goals is to move more. Here are my TOP 20 WAYS to move more! 


•Take the stairs rather than the elevator.

•Sit on an exercise ball at work rather than a chair.

•Walk out to get your mail rather than stopping by with your car to get the mail.

•Push mow your grass.

•Do 10 jumping jacks, sit-ups, push-ups or some kind of exercise every day before you go to bed.

•When gathering with friends, go for a walk or play an active game rather than sitting around the living room chit chatting.

•Use the treadmill instead of a clothes hanger.

•Walk to your destination or ride your bike (if within reason of course).

•Sign up for a 5k with a friend and have that your goal. Most 5k’s proceeds go to a good cause:)

•If you have a set of stairs in your house, make a point to walk up and down them at least 5 times a day ( or more than you normally do).

•While doing dishes or cooking (or any standing chore) do calf raises.

•While sitting in a long meeting at work, flex a different muscle for 10 seconds and repeat. It keeps the blood flowing 🙂

•Drink a lot of water so that you HAVE to get up and go to the restroom a lot.

•Take the long way to the restroom. 

•Squat while brushing your teeth.

•Do crunches during commercials.

•Play your favorite song at work and dance! 

•Do desk push ups.

•Make it a point to take 5 minutes (you have 23 hours and 55 minutes left of you day) to do yoga stretches or some kind of movement.

•While driving in your car, hold one arm out in front of you for as long as you can. Repeat. Do same with other arm (you don’t want to be lopsided).


There you have it folks! 20 easy ways to get moving each and every day! 

Until next time…keep moving toward those goals (lol get it..KEEP MOVING)