Stretching anyone…

Get up and stretch! 

Ever get sore after a work out? This girl sure does! There could be many reasons behind this from not enough water, not the right nutrients, not stretching etc. Maybe this website will help you. There is also an app for this site. This one is one of my favorites episodes. I do this every day I go into the gym for I have really tight chest and shoulder muscles. Looks like some of the mobility wod episodes you have to pay for 😦 However, if you u-tube Kelly Starrett you will  find a lot of his episodes for free. This one has to do with more shoulders and this one is another favorite of mine (do you believe me now that I have tight shoulders). HOWEVER, as Kelly has mentioned in other mobility wod episodes, the shoulder muscle is not just your shoulder but a lot of other muscles such as your biceps and chest as well. Check out these websites! 

Until next time…keep at those August wouldn’t want September to roll around and wished you would have done some stretching!!!