Every little bit…adds up to a greater success

As you know, the month of August the challenge is to either move more during the day, take extra time at the gym to work on your weakness, and/or stretch in the morning. So..what did you decide? I was thinking myself which I should do. I already exercise, but I would like to ramp it up a notch. Right now, on average I get to the gym about 4 times a week. I would like to make my average more like 5 times which means I would need to make it a point to make a Saturday morning class; that’s doable. My extra work will be to continue on my ring muscle up progressions (that’s just a given). Also, I have been slacking on  my stretching in the morning and so I will add that to my goals this month. To summarize, I chose to add one more day to my training and stretch in the morning.

Now, remember to be patient with yourself. This is something I am slowly getting better at. Every little bit adds up to a greater success! Each time you choose to park farther away from the store that is a few more calories you just burned off. Those calories add up. It may not seem a lot right now, but trust me in a month you will be glad that you started that habit. Same thing applies if you are already exercising and want to reach a goal that you feel is so out of reach right now. Which brings me to my ring muscle up update.

If you have not already read my “Muscle up…What” blog please take the time to do so for I hope you will find some helpful ideas for you along with some good websites (even if you have a muscle up you may learn something new). Anywho….the phrase everyday little steps will some day lead to a bigger success…well.. that’s my goal. I have been working on muscle up progressions since the first of February. I honestly have been working on them pretty religiously for the last 5 months, give and take a few breaks here and there.  The last 2 weeks I have not been.  I needed a break mentally and physically. I went on a mini vacation to lake Okoboji in Iowa and did a lot of skiing. For the first time in, I would say 15 years, I finally got up on slalom! Wow! What a success and excitement that was! We did some kayaking, swimming, slack lining…how every you say that.. (that’s fun I must say). My nieces came to visit me for about a week and we just hung out, shopped, ate, watched movies, talked about boys…and just had fun. It was a great mental and physical break for me! It’s funny how people say that your mind and body need a break every once in awhile and I actually believe that. I went back to the gym yesterday and hit 2 personal records and today I hit another one! Wow! There is some truth to having a break!

I guess my whole point here is that little steps lead to bigger successes. My personal records and slalom skiing for the first time didn’t come from just sitting on my butt all day:) Here is to us taking those little steps to accomplish our bigger goal!

Until next time….keep making little changes….crawling to walking to running…it happens and billions of people can prove it!