August Challenge

That's me scuba diving in the Key's:) Great form of exercise!

That’s me scuba diving in the Key’s:) Great form of exercise!

New month equals new goals! I always enjoy the beginning of each month because I get to create new goals to achieve. Before making my monthly goal, I also look back at my year end goal to make sure I am on track with those.  This leads me to my August challenge for you.  This month’s goals have to do with exercise and moving your body! I did a lot of scuba diving last summer and loved it! You may just find a new activity you love doing after you participate in this month’s challenge. 

This month I challenge you to do on one of the following:

1. Add exercise to your day.

2.  Take 5-10 minutes extra at each work out to work on a weak area. 

3.  Wake up 10- 15 minutes earlier each day to stretch.


•Add exercise to your day•

 Depending on how much exercise you already do the following are examples from simple to more complex:

1. Park farther away from the building in which you are walking. 

2. Take the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. Ride a bicycle to run errands (if possible).

4. Push mow your lawn.

5.  Always walk to your destination if it’s within walking distance. 

6. Walk your pet more often or get a dog so that you are forced to walk 🙂 

7. Join a gym..and use it! A lot of gyms now have such a variety of classes and possibilities that you are bound to find something that you will enjoy.

8. Swim, bike, canoe, kayak, walk on the nature trail, scuba dive, snorkel, ski, play ball with someone, play frisbee..

9. Make it a priority every day to do something that makes you move.

10. Click here to read about how walking can really do a body good:)


•Working on your weakness at the gym•

The areas that you are weak at are most likely the areas that you dislike thus they are your weaknesses. For me, it would be rowing, running and ring dips. For the life of me, I am always one of the last people off the rower and can’t seem to get that skill down. If there is running involved in a Work Out of the Day (WOD) it always slows down my time. Ring dips..well they are my nemesis.  I must say I have been working on ring dips because I really so badly want a ring muscle up, but I still am off and on with those babies.

My suggestions for this:

1. Find that weakness or nemesis and make it your challenge.

2. Research on what it is you need to do to be better at that skill. For example, with ring dips, I could do Tabata holds or ring dips, push ups, handstand push ups, pull-ups, ring dips with a band, ring push ups, and so much more. 

3. At the beginning of your week, write down what you are going to do extra each day to work on your weakness. For example, Monday I may do tabata ring holds, Tuesday push ups, Wednesday hand stand push ups, Thursday tabata ring dips again, and Friday ring push ups. It’s a time saver if you write it down so that you are not trying to create something Johnny on the spot and waste your time.

4. Always keep in mind that a variety of exercises work different muscles, with that said you really can’t go wrong with what you are choosing your extras to be as long as you are working that particular muscle area.  If you are focusing on that area of the body you should be good. If ya want to get really scientific on me, here is a website you can check out that shows the different muscles and what type of exercise you can do to gain muscles. 


•Stretching every day•

It is so important to stretch for many, many reasons. Stretching helps with recovery, injury prevention, flexibility, lowers stress level and a lot more. 

Here are my suggestions..

1. Set your alarm to get up 15 minutes to stretch (IDK about you, but there is not way I am just gonna wake up 15 minutes before my alarm goes off).

2. Click here for 5 stretches to do in the morning.

3. Click here for 3 of Dr. Oz’s Morning stretches. 

4. Click here for 8 Morning Yoga Poses.


Ok…it’s your turn (insert Gru voice from Despicable Me )!! What’s it gonna be? Are you going to add exercise to your day, work on your weak area or stretch every morning. Make sure to write down what your goal is and post it in places (notice I said placesssss…plural ) that you can see it! Share your goals with a friend and make yourself accountable. Also, if you have not already, check out my “Seeing is Believing…Goal Setting” blog to help you create achievable goals. 

Keep checking back for I will have lots more fitness goodness to help you achieve your August goals.

Until next time…keep living healthy!