Importance of water intake…




How did you do? Did it become a habit for you? Are you drinking more water? If you are slipping back to your old habit or just need a friendly reminder of why you need water (or why you are putting up with using the restroom all the time), I have found some more interesting facts that may just help you continue your habit of drinking water.


1. ….is good for all your cells, organs, and tissues…why… to help regulate its temperature and other bodily functions.

2. …..protects your tissues, spinal cord, and joints.

3. ….helps your body remove waste

4. ….aids in digestions

5. …prevents you from becoming dehydrated

Click here to read more in-depth reasons of why these top 5 reasons are important! 

If anything, do drink more water simply because you know it is healthier for your body. As I mention in my mission statement, a healthier you makes for a better family, relationships, friendships, and work environment!

Until next time….stay healthy!