Fish oil; it’s close to a miracle drug…


A lot of my friends have been asking me about fish oil and why it is so AWESOME! Well, I have done the research for you (it’s my hobby ya know) … I have a strange feeling that you will be sold after you continue reading…be may just get hooked!!!! 

“It’s as close to a miracle drug as I’ll ever see in my lifetime,” Dr. Barry Sears. He states that, “studies have proven that high concentration of fish oil can be used to dramatically reduce inflammation, resulting in weight loss, improved blood chemistry and better overall health.  More clinical research has shown that fatty acids, even when used to supplement a very poor diet, can help lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, MS, bipolar, depression, ADHD, chronic pain and Alzheimer’s-all because fish oils reduce inflammation.” Click here to listen to more of Dr. Barry Sears view point of fish oil. 

It’s amazing how this little pill can do so much for your health! And yes…here comes my sale pitch…ready, set, go….NUTRILITE® is the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on our own certified organic farms. For only 31 cents per pill you can begin to lead a healthier you! Click here to learn more about Nutrilite Ocean Essentials. (I thought that was pretty good if I do say so myself). I am so not a sales person, but I do also believe that you must find a vitamin line that you swear by and this is mine:) If you go to my #1 Organic Supplement page you will learn more about some amazing products. 

Be healthy, stay healthy…..