Seeing is Believing…goal setting…


So yep, I am a goal geek! I find that if I write my goals down and it stares me in the face every where I go, I am more likely to achieve them! Every month I create monthly goals for myself. They are usually based on fitness, nutrition, my business, and personal goals.

How to achieve a goal:

1. Write the goal down!!! That is the first and most important thing you need to do. If it’s just a thought, it most likely won’t go anywhere. Writing things down gets the brain going.

2. Explain EXACTLY how you are going to achieve your goal. What does that goal actually look like?

3. Make the goal manageable. What I mean by that is be true to yourself. If it’s reducing the amount of soda you drink each day, make the goal something you can achieve. Maybe the goal may be to have one less can a day.

4. Create enough goals that you are able to push yourself but also not get over whelmed. Maybe start off with 3 goals a month and see how you do with that. It also depends on how lofty your goals are.

5. Post your goals where you will see them all the time. Seeing is believing!


The following is some ideas that I use to post my goals so that I see them all the time:


What you will need:

1. Lined paper works best for me because then I can write my goals more neatly, but you can use construction paper or whatever else you have handy.

2. A glass picture frame. I like the one I have pictured below because it seems more organized to me.

3. Scissors to cut out the paper to match the frame.

4. Regular marker to write the title of the goal on the paper (for example nutrition).

5. Dry Erase marker to write your goals on the glass (see below).


How to do it:

1. Cut out the desired paper to fit the frame.

2. Write the title of your goal on the paper ( I used regular marker for this).

3. Place your titled paper where the picture would normally go.

4. Use the dry erase marker to write your goals each month on the glass.

5. Hang it in a place that you will see often!


SRX, medium point dry erase marker by Board Dudes I find works best.

SRX, medium point dry erase marker by Board Dudes I find works best.




Here are some other ideas of where I write my goals:

1. Take an expo marker and write my goals on the bathroom mirror!

2. Use a note card and place anywhere (car, on refrigerator..anywhere).

3. Sticky note on the door so that I see it every time I leave the house.

These are just some simple ways to post your goals. Goals are such an easy thing to create but really do get pushed to the side because of our crazy day-to-day lives. However, if you see them everyday and all day, you are more likely to achieve them because they are on the top of your mind all the time. With some goals, I didn’t really even have to think about how to accomplish it, they just got accomplished. I don’t know if it’s because I saw them everyday and subconsciously thinking about them or what. That of course isn’t always true for all of my goals. Most of my goals I have to brainstorm how I am going to achieve them and really work hard at succeeding!  With that said, some goals carry over to the next month too. Because either A) I feel like I need more work on that goal or B) I just didn’t feel that I truly made that goal a habit yet. Which in my mind is just fine!

So there you have it my friends…ways to achieve your goals! So if you have been following my monthly challenge about drinking more water this month. Maybe writing down that you want to drink more water and post it everywhere…you may just get the goal accomplished:)

Until next time…