Top 10 easy ways to get your water intake in:)


Top 10 easy ways to get in your water intake! 

It is now 17 days into July. They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. How is your skin feeling? Are you less hungry? Do you perform better in the gym? If you have kind of slacked off getting that water in, here are some more helpful hints:

1.  Have water EVERY where you go. Find a water bottle that works for you. 

2. Have a case of water in your car so if you do forget to grab your water bottle, you have plenty in your car.

3. Have a water bottle or glass (full of water) available at all times at work.

4. Have a glass by your kitchen sink and all bathrooms. 

5. Cut up fruit and place in your water. 

6. Freeze fruit in ice cube trays and put in your water for a little extra flavor.

7. As soon as you wake up, drink a glass of water.

8. Substitute a soda for a glass of water. Start small:) If you drink a lot of soda, switch out only one can for water per day.

9. Ask for water at restaurants rather than a sugar’s even cheaper!