Muscle ups….what?

My muscle up challenge journey begins….

I have been working on ring muscle ups since…let’s see.. February…. it is now June….can we say frustrated? Ok…so  little about me…I like to get things NOW….I don’t want to wait for it or work at it…why can’t I just get it? I have learned in my 36 years of life, oh 37 years (oh how time flies)… that persistence, patience, and determination all need to be my friend. I don’t know about you, but when I work really hard at something, I feel such an accomplishment and very proud of what I did to get to my goal. If I were to just get it NOW then I wouldn’t have helped others along the way as well. For example, others feel needed, wanted, and helpful when I ask for help (sometimes it is really hard for me to do that).

There is so much that goes into a muscle up from physically readiness to mentally readiness. I have researched u-tube videos this is a good one, Camille Leblanca slow motion muscle up, and discussion with coaches. Some say being able to do 10 ring dips easily is a prerequisite (but why, you only need to do one to get up on the rings…just saying), a bar muscle up is also very helpful (I guess that sit-up action helps), and working on the good old false grip (that just hurts me…ha).

OF COURSE…I feel that nutrition is a very BIG part of any goal in the gym.  When I did Whole 30 I was rocking at Priority Crossfit. I was hitting Personal Records (PR), but I wasn’t focusing on my muscle ups at that time. As all of you, I am only human, and I tend to go off the wagon a little bit. Which when I do, my goals in the gym tend to take a little longer…blah. I am a firm believer in eating a healthy diet that works for you. Me personally, I work and operate the best on the Paleo diet.

My summer challenge is to eat paleo 80/20 (80% of my diet paleo while 20% fun meals) and to continue working on my muscle up progressions by staying after at the gym for about 15ish minutes (when my muscles are fried by the way..but I am all warmed up right?!?!?!). I must say that I have come a long way since I have started this muscle up journey of mine. I need to keep working though:) Persistence is definitely going to pay off…soon I hope.

Here’s to determination…until the next blog…