On the road again…


The Dalton Highway was a very interesting road. This was the only road to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska….the most northern point of The United States of America…the Holy Grail in the motorcycle world. Every motorcyclists wants to be able to say that they have road the Dalton Highway and reached Prudhoe Bay! This was the beginning of our journey. Will we make it in one piece or not…lol 🙂

20170620_144248Well….let me back up the story a little bit.  We were warned by many Alaskans that if it even sprinkles at all, you will NOT make it on the dirt roads with a motorcycle. They say it gets really slippery just like snot. A lot of people suggested that we watch the forcast and if there is any rain coming in at all, don’t even try. The day we left for PB there were some clouds and a little damp. But, we also only had so many days because we needed to be back in Anchorage to meet our friends to go hiking. So the way we went. Our goal was to get to Cold Foot where we would camp for the night and then head out to PB the next morning. Our day started off pretty promising, but then we stopped for some gas and delicious homemade pie and coffee. We noticed the clouds were rolling in, but gave it a shot. Well, it started sprinkling….and the stories were right…there was no way we were going anywhere. We were sliding like we were on ice. I must say, Adam is an amazing driver and I do ride well if I do say so myself:) The bike was dancing beneath of us while he was controlling the bike and I was practicing my squats and putting all my weight on the pegs beneath my feet and not moving a single muscle. We decided that the best thing was to pull off and weight out the rain and for the roads to dry. We found a spot off the road to park it for awhile (picture above). The rain stopped about 15 minutes later. Knowing that we were going to be waiting awhile, I made up a game to play (must be the teacher in me). After an hour, we checked the roads…it was a no go. So we continued our game. Then we thought it would be fun to put up the hammock. With all the trees why not! We could hang out in the hammock and eat a snack. Well, apparently the mosquitoes were worse within the trees. So that lasted about 5 minutes. We put on Deet right away when we got off the road and started playing the game. The Deet actually was working, but apparently there were just too many mosquitoes within the trees! We checked the roads again after 2 hours….no go! We ended up getting back on the road after 3 hours. We were ready to get going again:)

The picture below gives you a little idea of what the roads were like to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. The pot holes in front of the bike were all over the road. Adam and I called them the Hell Holes because they were a straight ticket to Hell. I am telling you, some of these holes were pretty bad. You DID NOT want to get your front tire in one of them because you would be a goner! One hole even had a small tree growing out of it…no lie!!



After a very long ride, no port-a-potties (fun fact- rest stops are port-a-potties all the way through Canada and Alaska), Hell Holes, construction, deep mud to plow through, deep gravel that forces your motorcycle to dance under you, Oil Spill hill that literally has oil spilled on the road and you can imagine how that ride was, more construction (Mind you this isn’t the construction like here in the US. Most roads are not paved, just dirt/gravel roads. So construction is them tearing up the dirt/gravel roads that made it even worse for you to drive on.  The roads were like one of the fun 4 wheeler paths that I ride on back home). The picture above is proof that we made it to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska!! This was a very exciting moment for us. Disclaimer- this was taking the next day after we had a good night sleep, food and showers so we looked refreshed. We did NOT look like this when we got there the night before. That would have been a very scary picture…hehehe.


All the way to Prudhoe Bay we were along side the oil pipes. I didn’t realize that Prudhoe Bay was one of the homes to an oil refinement. PB reminded me of a deployment residence. People who worked there were there for months on end. There were trailers with rooms in them for the workers to stay. We stayed at a hotel called Prudhoe Bay Hotel. The outside didn’t look too promising for a nice stay, but the inside looked just like a hotel. The rooms were not too shabby. We had one bed, tv, internet, shower (yippee), and a real toilet:) The eating area was pretty big. We did pay around 200 for the night; however, included in that price was a buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As you left for the day you could also take a sack lunch with you. The sack lunch area had tons of food to take with you. Not to mentioned they hired chefs to cook the meals for the buffet. The desserts were AMAZING! We also had free access to the washer and dryers too.  That is always a plus when you are camping for an extended period of time! It was a pretty good deal actually!

Taking a motorcycle to Prudhoe Bay was an accomplishment in itself. I didn’t really think of it as the turning point to our vacation, but it kind of was. Up until then, we were always going north. From then on out, we were going south. Even though we had a lot more adventures to go on it was kind of sad that our vacation was 1/2 over.


Here is another fun picture, we stopped to pose for this on the way to Prudhoe Bay.

Until next time, always challenge yourself each and ever day. It is good for your health and soul!



Make new friends, but keep the old!

We did a lot of camping on our adventure. I mean, I know teaching brings in the money and everything (NOT), but we could not afford to get a hotel every night. I love camping! I have always enjoyed nature and being out in God’s world. However, it is not truly camping with out a campfire and smore’s! It’s just so fun to sit around the campfire and learn about how we are all so much alike but yet different while being mesmorized by fire:)


One gentlemen that we met a long our journey, is 71 years young (I think) and he had never had a s’more!!! I was like, “Wha…..????”. So of course, I had some ingredients for them stashed away in our bags (yes I made room for s’mores).  He ended up loving them!


This was the group of people that we had met along the way. The gentlemen on the very right sitting in a chair, Jeff. He is from Huntsville, Alabama and Adam and I found out that we have a lot in common with him. We first met him at the Dust to Dawson event in Dawson City. He noticed our bike and saw that we were two up. He struck up a conversation. I then noticed that he was wearing a Crossfit shirt and of course I had to ask him about that:) Then later we found out that he too country dances and his wife is into Crossfit and health! Match made in heaven! We ended up riding to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska with this fun and amazing group.


We stopped to get gas on our way to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. Of course gas was like 5 dollars a gallon. Yikes! I thought this was a neat picture of the group leaving the gas station. The first two behind us were Susan and Larry. Very nice couple. I was very impressed with Susan riding on the rough roads to Prudhoe Bay (more about that later). The third one was John (the gentlemen that was 71 years young and had never had a s’more)! John was a very interesting fellow. I think he lived or was from Aftrica. Lot’s of fun stories. Then the last was Buck. He has a side car. He was a retired doctor. He too had some neat stories to tell about his career and where he had been and served.


This is Jeff our fearless leader. Can’t wait to meet his wife! Yeah, so I may be able to make a trip to Huntsville, Alabama in a few weeks to meet his wife. I am very excited!

Take note of this road and the rain clouds forming….yeah…that made it for an interesting ride….stay tune!

Until next time…take the time to meet someone new everyday! You will never know how they can change your life!

Being thankful

Where do I even start:) First of all, I must apologize for this post being later than expected. I found out quickly that I left my computer charger at home. Do you know how hard it is to get a chrome book charger? Well let me tell you…..I looked in almost every electronic store in two different countries….funny…but that is not a lie! Finally I resolved to amazon; however, with us traveling and moving every day I didn’t know exactly where to sent the stupid thing to, so I just gave up. To top it all off, the shipping would have been more expensive than the actually charger itself. I was done. So there is my excuse to why you are not going to get a day to day log of my adventure to Alaska. That probably is a good thing though, because who really wants to read a day to day blog of some Alaska motorcyle trip? Oh yeah…you !

My gosh, where do I even start. I did a good job of keeping a diary every day and then of course the paragraphs dwindled to short phrases, which ended up to single words and then ended up just taking pictures to refresh my memory. I look up to those who keep up with a blog everyday and add pictures; Kudos to you!

There is so much to be thankful for on our adventure. Neither of us got hurt by any wildlife nor on the motorcycle. Adam and I got along great (well 99.9 % of the time…hehehe). The motorcycle ran great and our butts didn’t get too sore. We met so many wonderful people along the way. It’s interesting how being on a motorcycle and getting gas takes twice as long than when in a car. The reason I say that is because every gas station we stopped at there was always a conversation to be had. Being from Iowa, everyone was very interested in our adventure. They would noticed our bike loaded down and then notice the Iowa license plate and the wow factor set in. Especially when we hit Alaska! Although, to our surprise a lot of people, I would say at least 90% of the people, actually knew where Iowa was AND were either from Iowa or had been through our beautiful state.

I will forever be grateful for Bill and Jennifer in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We needed gas and we ended up talking to this couple. Adam was talking to Bill as I was talking to Jennifer. I got to talking about the time that I was freezing cold in a storm (more on this later) and asked if there was a place in town to buy a heated jacket. She told me about a place about 2 miles down the road called Mark’s (I could be wrong on that). After Adam and Bill finished up their conversation, I told Adam that Jennifer mentioned where to look for a heated vest. Well, this is when Bill chimed in and said, “I have a vest that may fit you.” I didn’t even know how to respond. He said, “We live 15 minutes away, let us go pick it up and we will meet you in the parking lot of Mark’s.” I said, “ok.” So we drove over to Mark’s and waited in the parking lot. About 15 minutes later, here rolls in Bill and Jennifer with a heat vest. He gave it to me and said, “Here try it on.”  I did just that:) He said, “Well look, it fits you perfectly.” He was right, it was a perfect fit. I said, “How much can I pay you for this.” Knowing that the night before, Adam and I were doing research on these things and it was going to cost at least 100 dollars new!! He said, “Nothing, it’s yours!” I said, “What…no…..” He said that he had grown out of it and it was giving to him. I was literally almost in tears. This was definitely a Godly thing! Thank you, thank you, thank you Bill and Jennifer for being so kind to give that to me.  I used that vest EVERY SINGLE day…no lie! It served me very well. I was and still am very grateful for their kindness. I unfortunately did not get a picture with the two of them:( Wish I would have. We did get Bill’s business card so I will be sending him a thank you and maybe a picture with me in my vest:) I am sure he will frame that….lol:)

From time to time, we stopped at a Starbucks. Such a lovely treat when we were on the motorcycle all day. I would talk Adam into it by saying, “Don’t you need Wi-fi for some reason.” He knew better than to say that we could basically get wifi anywhere. He was so good to me. Another thing to be thankful for, my lovely boyfriend Adam. More through out my blogs on how amazing he was to me on this trip! Anyway, this particular stop at Starbucks was not only going to give my my caffeine fix and his wifi, but determine our destination in Alaska. This is where we met Dave. He also drove a BMW. We got to talking with him about motorcycles and trips. He and Adam had a lot in common. They both were pilots and in the military (Dave is retired now). Dave’s wife, Mary, was not on the trip with him, but as I found out later, is very much into health herself! I was very excited to meet her. This is when Dave told us about the Dust to Dawson event in Dawson City and the BMW rally in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both of which we had no idea either was happening. We didn’t know what the Dust to Dawson event was, and neither Adam nor I had ever been to a motorcycle rally before. So we got on the internet and looked both up. We knew that our only obligation was to be at Denali National Park on June 24th to meet some friends hiking. We got Dave’s information and told him we would sure contact him if we could make it. I asked Dave if his wife was coming and he said not to the D2D, but the BMW rally she was going to be at! I was very excited to meet her! It is sure funny how stopping at a simply coffee shop and having conversations with people how much your life changes!

I am also thankful for running water, my bed, and the ability to get up and pour my coffee from a machine rather than boiling my water, stoves, microwaves, dishwashers, being able to take a shower everyday with out having to pay money, shampoo, my toilet rather than pit toilets, abundance of toilet paper by my side when going to the rest room, hand soap readily available, running water…or wait I already said that, a bug free place of shelter! Please don’t get me wrong, I am NOT by any means, complaining about ANY part of my trip. I loved camping and the adventure! God created such a wonderful world and is an amazing artist, I will be forever blessed.

I will leave you with just how amazing God is. This picture does not even give it justice, but you get the idea. The reflection of the mountains on the lake was just absolutely beautiful! This was at Glacier National Park.


I am very thankful and blessed to be able to have the time off to go on this adventure and to share it with all of you! Being healthy is not only about the foods that you put in your mouth, but also being able to enjoy God’s country and know that we have a lot to be thankful for!

Until next time…always count your blessings!

Alaska- June 3, 2017

June 3rd we began our trip to Alaska! We got a good night sleep last night, and started in on packing the motorcycle about 8ish.  After much planning done by Adam when he was overseas, we are now able to put it all together. We both had a lot of hiking and camping supplies before this trip, but we found that buying more efficient items to fit in the motorcycle was well worth the money.

Image may contain: shoes



We laid every piece out on the garage floor and triple checked our list. Then we began packing the motorcycle.




We were both very happy to note that we fit everything in PLUS had some additional room:) Life is good:) We were not in a huge hurry, so after slowly packing, stopping for delicious cinnamon rolls made by his parents, and a few other necessary things we got on the road about 2ish.

Image may contain: tree, motorcycle, grass, outdoor and nature



This will be our home for the next 43 days:)




We pretty much just road today. It was a hot day! It got up to 95 degrees! We of course have all of our entire gear on from head to toe, and mine is black!!! We took interstate 90 all the way to Oacoma, South Dakota. Once we got going on the interstate, it wasn’t bad and it did rain for about 10 minutes and it felt great! We stopped for gas and McDonalds and that was about it. We always look for free camp sites.



We found a free camp site in Oacoma, South Dakota  by a river. We got there about 1 hour before sunset so enough time to set up camp. Not much exploring tonight. We are pretty much ready for bed!



Until next time… camp free!


My next journey

I am so excited to share with you a journey I am about to go on! I truly believe in good health whether it be for Soul or for Life (hence the name of this website:) ).This journey I am about to go on is for my soul. I am going to be hiking in Alaska! My boyfriend and I decided to take his BMW GSA motorcycle to Alaska baby!

Adam just recently got back from overseas. We both have the time off this summer. We started June 3rd. Our transportation will be his motorcycle and our home will be a tent. We will be staying in some hotels along the way. If I have anything to say about it, we will be stopping at coffee shops for the free wi-fi…lol 🙂 So I am going to try really hard to journal at night. When we stop at places that have Wi-fi I will copy and paste my blogs with pictures! This is the plan! Here’s to it working out!!

Here is a picture to start you off.  This was on Bear Pass in Wyoming. It was a beautiful road and scenery!!



Until next time….please pray that we won’t get eating by Grizzles….just kidding…well …kind of just kidding 🙂

Vitamin D

Want to take a cat nap? You may be deficient in Vitamin D! 

cat-1538633_1920Any time I am not feeling well, I look to vitamins. Through researching I found that a lot of people are deficient in Vitamin D.  I found come research that suggested for every 25 pounds of body weight a person should take 1000 iu. (Disclaimer: I am NOT a doctor and ALWAYS check with your doctor before starting any vitamins!) Vitamin D helps with so many things such as but not limited to: regulating calcium, normal immune function, healthy bones and teeth, fights depression, helps with fatigue, and a ton more. Here is an article that I found will help you understand if you are deficient in vitamin D. Read this, you might learn something 🙂

Until next time…discuss your vitamin D level with your doctor.